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RIS and raytracing in urban enviroment

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Hello everyone, i am using the raytracing propagation model and the comm.RayTracingChannel to analyze an urban enviroment. I set up some transmitter and one target in movement, and i wanna know if there is a way to implement in this enviroment the RIS (reconfigurable intelligence surface), interfacing them to the raytracing.

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Hi Nicolas,
This is a possible solution for simulating RIS in your urban ray tracing model with comm.RayTracingChannel:
Simulating RIS with Ray Tracing:
  1. Model the RIS as scatterers: Instead of a single block, represent the RIS as multiple scattering elements within your simulation. Each element would have adjustable properties to reflect the reconfigurable nature of RIS.
  2. Modify Ray Paths: When a ray interacts with an RIS element, its path should be adjusted based on the element's configuration at that moment. This would account for the signal reflecting or refracting in specific directions.
  3. Optimize RIS Configuration: The ultimate goal might be to find the optimal configuration for the RIS elements to achieve the desired signal behavior at your target location. This would likely involve some optimization techniques.
MATLAB Toolbox Options:
  • Phased Array System Toolbox: This toolbox deals with phased antenna systems, which share some similarities with RIS concepts. It might provide helpful insights for modeling the RIS behavior.
  • Physical Modeling Toolbox : If your RIS involves metamaterials, this toolbox might be useful for creating more physically accurate models of the scattering elements.
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nicolas pellanda
nicolas pellanda on 4 Jun 2024
Thank you for the answer. My biggest problem is that i am importing a map from open street map (something like google maps) to matlab, and the only objects i can create are transmitters and receivers (txsite and rxsite). can i treat RIS as a receiver/transmitter, find all the paths that are created between tx-RIS-rx and modify these according to some criteria?
For example, what I get are the channel samples that are formed between the tx and the RIS (which is simply a receiver). After that I can get the samples of the channel that is created between the RIS (used as a tx) and the receiver. Can I go and change the amplitude and phase of these second samples so that they appear to be reflected from the RIS back to the receiver? Because it is not possible to create a reflection/refraction point and use it as the RIS

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