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How to code for PS5 in matlab ? is there any library present .

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I want use libraries like arduino . is libraries are prsent like (arduino), wire.h,servo.h in matlab.

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Abhishek Kumar Singh
Abhishek Kumar Singh on 28 May 2024 at 4:09
To do this, you would need to download Simulink Support Package for Arduino Hardware. Refer to this documentation link for setup, modeling, deployment and other related stuff:
Ideally, MathWorks suggests using the MATLAB Function block to generate readable, efficient, and compact C/C++ code that can be deployed to the Arduino hardware. For a detailed overview of the MATLAB Function block, see: There are 50+ examples which can get you started with. Refer to this examples page:
If you have existing C/C++ code from earlier versions that you wish to utilize, it will require some additional effort. Personally, I prefer the method described above for simplicity, but if you're comfortable with it, integrating legacy code shouldn't pose a significant challenge. You can use C Caller / C Function blocks to integrate your code into the Simulink model and use the header files as you are described in your query. Refer to the following documentation links:
Hope it helps!

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