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Non-negative least square method is giving fixed values

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I am trying the NNLS with my dataset to solve the a problem. The values are for each column remain same and no changes at all in each column. what is the possible exlanation for this?
I have adde the .mat adn .m file with the question. I could use SVD but the the values need to be positive as hey are concentration.
Any help will be appreciated.
Arnab Paul
Arnab Paul on 30 May 2024
They are actually different. Even though is it possible to have the monotonous values all across the column?

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Accepted Answer

Nipun on 11 Jun 2024
Hi Arnab,
I understand that you are experience an issue with NNLS (Non-Negative Least Squares) where the values for each column remain unchanged. This issue might be due to several factors, such as:
  1. Insufficient variability in the data.
  2. Constraints not properly applied.
  3. Issues with the initial guess or convergence criteria.
For more details on NNLS, you can refer to the following MathWorks documentation link:
Hope this helps.

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