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How do I display all the data, not just the last 30 minutes or so

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I am collecting data every minute or so (for now while I debug my system). How can I display all the data instead of the last few minutes?
I know I can download all the data and plot it in Excel or LibreOffice but I would prefer to be able to see more of the data on the graph, like at least a day. I see examples like the chart of air pollution that has A LOT of data points, but I do not know how it's done.

Accepted Answer

Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 28 May 2024
You can use the pencil icon in the upper right of the standard field plots on your ThingSpeak channel to show more data, assuming you have less than 8000 points that you want to show. You can change the number of days displayed, or the number of points. Number of points has precedence if you try to use both.
If you want to see more than 8000 points, you can create a custon MATLAB visualization using MATLAB code. There are many examples in the documentation, or you can use the MATLAB chat playground to help you write the code.
Didier Juges
Didier Juges on 28 May 2024
Thank you. When I tried this yesterday, it did not work (it would ignore it when I clicked Save) but today from another computer it works. I also modified the atmospheric dust example and that also works but requires more steps.
Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 28 May 2024
Thanks for reporting the troubles. It may be releated to a recently fixed problem. If you get a chance, on the original computer that failed, please try signing out and back in, or clearing Mathworks and ThingSpeak related cookies.

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