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"Application install was not successful" when trying to install Matlab app

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When trying to install an app (compiled app designer app) I'm receiving ""Application install was not successful".
I have tested:
  • Several different installers/apps (all have previously worked and works on other systems)
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled both Matlab and Matlab runtime
  • Cleared the Matlab folders in AppData Local and Roaming
  • Rebooted my system
  • Verified that there are no remaining files in the installation directory from previous installs.
  • Booting the .exe installer from various locations
After booting the installer .exe I get to the Windows User Account Control. After accepting, the matlab installer window flashes up shortly before presenting the below message.
Any suggestions on how to proceed?

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UDAYA PEDDIRAJU on 12 Jun 2024
Hi Simon,
Great to know different troubleshooting methods approached by you. you can also try
  • Look for specific error messages during installation or in the Windows Event Viewer.
  • Try installing to a different location with full permissions (not Program Files) and temporarily disable antivirus.
  • Confirm if you tried completely uninstalling then reinstallation of MATLAB, ensuring complete removal of previous MCR installations.
  • Verify your system meets requirements and update MATLAB/Runtime for potential fixes.
If nothing works you should reach out to technical support by attaching all the relevant files with versions you're using or try in other systme if its working then the issue will be in within you system.
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Simon Mogren
Simon Mogren on 17 Jun 2024
Thanks! Seems like it was the antivirus (Windows defender real time protection).
Additionally, I found out that the issue was only on my user account. Other users on the same PC can run the installers (with Windows defender acitve).

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