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Serdes toolbox adapted results log

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I generated an IBIS-AMI model using the serdes toolbox. After running the model in Keysight ADS, i can't figureout where the final CTLE and DFE adapted values are logged. How can I find out to what value the CTLE and DFE converged too?

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UDAYA PEDDIRAJU on 10 Jun 2024
Hi Ranjit,
Finding final CTLE/DFE values in Keysight ADS after running your IBIS-AMI model depends on your setup. Here's how to locate them:
  • Check for dataset objects with names related to adaptation that might hold the values.
  • Look for signals named "CTLE_Adaptation", "DFE_Tap_X" (X being tap number) using the Waveform Viewer.
  • Refer to Keysight ADS documentation for specific details on logging data from IBIS-AMI models.
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Ranjit on 11 Jun 2024
Thanks Udaya. I had to enable the savetodataset flag in ADS. After that everything was available in the results.

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