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error in documentation example for "gene ontology enrichment in microarray data"

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cmo on 21 Apr 2015
Edited: cmo on 21 Apr 2015
In MATLAB 2015a online documentation for GO enrichment, i.e. "gene ontology enrichment in microarray data", there is an error in the sub-section titled "Looking at Probability of Gene Ontology Annotation".
In that sub-section, the hypergeometric PDF (hygepdf) is used to calculate p-values. The text says that this gives a "p-value": "This function returns the p-value associated to each term"
Probability density functions do not give a p-value.
The text should say "hygecdf" to get the hypergeometric cumulative distribution function (CDF). That will give a one-sided p-value to test under-representation. Though this tutorial probably wants the upper-tail to get the over-representation p-value, i.e. "hygepdf(..., 'upper')"

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