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figure menu when resizing

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DF on 15 Nov 2011
When I resize a figure and make it smaller the menu is compressed and is not readable. This behavior is different in an older Matlab version (2006) when the menu is displayed on 2 rows when the figure size is too small. How can I get the old behavior in the new(er) Matlab?

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Yair Altman
Yair Altman on 20 Nov 2011
This is covered in section 5.2.1 of my Matlab-Java book:
jFrame = get(handle(gcf), 'JavaFrame')
jMenuBar = jFrame.fHG1Client.getMenuBar;
jMenuBar = jFrame.fFigureClient.getMenuBar; % R2007b and earlier
Yair Altman

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DF on 20 Nov 2011
I come back to this question with more details, maybe someone has an idea. When I execute the code below in Matlab2011 I get all menus on the same line in the menu bar and the menu label is not entirely visible. However, in Matlab2003 starting from 'Function6' a new line is created in the menu bar. How can I split the menus over 2 lines in the menu bar in Matlab2011?
f = uimenu('Label','Function1');
f = uimenu('Label','Function2');
f = uimenu('Label','Function3');
f = uimenu('Label','Function4');
f = uimenu('Label','Function5');
f = uimenu('Label','Function6');
f = uimenu('Label','Function7');
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Jan on 20 Nov 2011
A question for Yair.

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DC on 21 Nov 2011
Thanks for your reply! Although a reasonable solution to my problem, this is only a workaround, in the sense that it does not put the menu bar on 2 lines, but adds an extension to the menu bar which only becomes visible when clicking the arrow. Is there no way to create a menu bar on more lines?

Jan on 21 Nov 2011
Perhaps this helps: FEX: menubar

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