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How can I change the view of a 1xn structure in the 2015 version of MATLAB (which has been automatically changed) back to the view of a 1xn structure in the 2013 version?

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I have created a 1xn structure (n is arbitrary) and I am seeing a new view once I click on the structure. Everything is organized in rows and I can see all of the fields. Is it possible to switch back to the old view (i.e. 2013 version)?

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Debarati Banerjee
Debarati Banerjee on 13 May 2015
The new way of viewing one-dimensional structures in Variable Editor was introduced from the MATLAB release R2013b.
You can refer to the release notes for more details.
There is currently no way by which you can go back to the older view in R2015a version.

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