Hoe to get size of returned array from C#

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I am calling a C# dll which is returning some Data. oTG is the returned object.
K>> oTG
oTG =
Calc with properties:
Values: [1x1 System.Double[,,,]]
K>> oTG.Values
ans =
Double[,,,] with properties:
Length: 181222
LongLength: 181222
Rank: 4
SyncRoot: [1x1 System.Double[,,,]]
IsReadOnly: 0
IsFixedSize: 1
IsSynchronized: 0
Ho to get the size of the 4D array oTG.Values?

Accepted Answer

Martijn on 17 Sep 2015
1. If you have a multidimensional array (like Double[,,,]) and not a Jagged array (like Double[][][][]), you should be able to simply use:
MATLABMatrix = double(MyNetArray);
To convert the whole matrix to a MATLAB matrix.
2.If you do want to get more information about the dimensions you will need to use the actual .NET methods for this:
So you can first get the number of dimensions:
numDim = MyNetArray.Rank
And then loop through the dimensions calling GetLength:
for i=1:numDim
dims(i) = MyNetArray.GetLength(i-1);

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