Discrete weights with neural network toolbox

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Hello, I am building a custom neural network. In the application I am attempting to model it is only possible to have weights of discrete values [-2, -1, 0, 1, 2]. I want to use this network to perform the training using the built-in functions, but don't want to get weights back that are 1.24345932 and have to round it and sacrifice accuracy in the testing phase. I have found some documentation that you can use the command net.inputs{1}.exampleInput = [...] but it doesn't realize that I want the values to be discrete and it resets the size of the inputs. Thank you!

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Eric Lin
Eric Lin on 19 Jun 2015
Constraining network weights is not possible with the built-in Neural Network Toolbox functions as the training algorithms are all gradient-based. If you would like to implement your own training algorithm, consider using the intlinprog or ga functions which perform mixed-integer optimization.
Jules BROCHARD on 25 Jan 2018
If you build you own transfer function, you use a transformation, such as the exponential*, to map R into R+ before inputing them in your usual transfering function. In practice your weight will still be negative but they will be used as positive number.
*: beware of the distortion of space it induces. Oh and don't forget to adjust the gradient derivative accordingly :)

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