error while using complex2real

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Tricky on 28 Nov 2011
I'm trying to extract the 'real' values of amplitudes and phases from the fft output A1
Where A1 is containing the Fourier transform values of a image as 1323*1 of single type.
its showing error like this ??? Undefined function or method 'complex2real' for input arguments of type'single'

Accepted Answer

Wayne King
Wayne King on 28 Nov 2011
complex2real is not a MATHWORKS' function. That error message is indicating that MATLAB does not know anything about that function. If that is a function someone has written, then make sure it is on your MATLAB path. Use addpath() or pathtool() to add the folder where that function lives.
If you want the polar form of the Fourier coefficients, you can use
abs(A1) % magnitude
angle(A1) %phase

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