How to put a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine to work only as generator

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I have Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine, I want to use only as a generator, but my mechanical input is a simscape signal and the angular velocity that I use as input varies from positive to negative.

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Debarati Banerjee
Debarati Banerjee on 7 Jul 2015
A Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine acts as a generator mode only when the sign of the mechanical torque supplied at port Tm of the block is negative.
To assure that the block always functions in generator mode, you need to provide a negative signal to Tm always. Since the signal you are using fluctuates from positive to negative, you can use the PS Saturation block. This block saturates the output at the values that is mentioned as 'Upper Limit' and 'Lower Limit'. For example, you can give Lower Limit as '-inf' and and Upper Limit as '-.01'.
Hope this helps!

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