Where to store my pathdef.m

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ws on 30 Nov 2011
Edited: LeChat on 10 Aug 2021
Hi all
I need to do run my project on my University lab which have user privileges and multiuser desktop, definitely I cant set path on C: directory and prompt to save pathdef.m to another destination, so where should I save my pathdef.m? In my project folder? I saw some place said that copy the pathdef.m file into your startup folder, may I know where is startup folder?
Thank you.

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Jan on 30 Nov 2011
The startup folder is the folder, which is active after starting up. So start Matlab and type cd.

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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 30 Nov 2011
The procedure is detailed here:
Basically setup the path the way you want. Then do
savepath foo/pathdef.m
where foo is your startup directory. You can specify the startup directory in a number of ways. On windows you can edit the shortcut ( http://www.mathworks.com/help/releases/R2011a/techdoc/matlab_env/f8-10506.html#f8-12959 ).
Jan on 5 Dec 2011
Google finds the versionless location very fast- just serach for "Matlab savepath", e.g. http://www.google.de/search?q=Matlab+savepath
You find:
The pattern is the same for all commands, simply replace "savepath" by the name of the command. This matchs even commands from special toolboxes.

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ws on 5 Dec 2011
Hi all, I still failed to store my pathdef.m. Here are the steps I follow.
First try: Store pathdef.m in startup directory, e.g.:
and setup the path:
>> savepath C:\Users\VS314\Documents\MATLAB\pathdef.m
Second try: Store pathdef.m in my current system folder, e.g.:
and setup the path:
>> savepath K:\mat\System\pathdef.m
Anything wrong? Or I miss some steps? Do I need to edit my code to refer the path after I set pathdef.m?

LeChat on 10 Aug 2021
Edited: LeChat on 10 Aug 2021
You need to name the file along with the path your are giving.
So go to the menu Home>Set Path, then set up you path and save.
Then, in Matlab command window:
>> savepath 'C:\Users\LeChat\Documents\MATLAB\pathdef.m'
Then restart Matlab and your path should be the one you saved before.
Hope this helps.


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