How to get datatype of tunable variables while compiling model?

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Is there a possibility to directly access the datatype of tunable variables while compiling the model? I already did this for testpoints via get_param(PortHandle,'CompiledPortDatatype') which works fine. But how to get this for tunable variables? Often the Simulink engine decides via internal rules which datatype it should take.
Thanks in advance. Dom

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Darsana Thulasi
Darsana Thulasi on 6 Jul 2015
I am assuming that you have some blocks in your model that contain tunable parameters for which you want to get the compiled port datatypes.
The compiled port datatypes are for the values that appear through input and output ports of blocks. You should be able to use the same command to get the Compiled port datatypes.
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Dominik on 6 Jul 2015
Thanks for the answer. Good point - but what to do if the tunable parameter is used in a masked subsystem. Is there a general way to directly access the datatype?

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