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Reset uitable data

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Hy, i'm trying to reset the uitable of my GUI but its not working, I used:
It apparently clean the data, but it also doesnt allow me to edit the uitable anymore. I had also used the function "reset":
reset(handles.uitable), But it didnt work either.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Dec 2011
set(handles.uitable, 'Data', cell(size(get(handles.uitable,'Data'))));
ElizabethR on 24 Jun 2016
hi Walter, thanks for answare my question. Thank you so much for your explanation. God Bless You ^^

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aveks Gebastyan
aveks Gebastyan on 12 Aug 2018
HI Walter Roberson. thanks for answer.. I have problem same how reset uitable. but it has been solved with your answer above....I have problem again, how to reset or remove checklist on the checkbox?. because I use the checkbox for insert data to uitable. so if we reset data in uitable, the cheklist in checkbox must be lost...
aveks Gebastyan
aveks Gebastyan on 12 Aug 2018
yes, my question about uicontrol checkbox.
set(handles.checkbox1, 'Value', 0)
thanks this work..

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bekir poyraz
bekir poyraz on 29 May 2019
set(handles.uitable, 'Data', cell(size(get(handles.uitable,'Data'))));
thank you

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