Can antenna toolbox be used for Co-site interference analysis?

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For multiple antenna types (TX and RX), can interference analysis be performed with antenna toolbox?
Jeffrey Johnson
Jeffrey Johnson on 25 May 2019
To model the transmitter side of the radios: frame up some data packets with headers and CRC, encode at the desired baud rate, modulate these onto a carrier, and model the saturation and/or cross-over distortion of a power amp using an exponentiated raised cosine mapping. Feed this signal, one Fourier component at a time, into transmit antenna. Propagate from transmitter to receiver, through installed radiation patterns and S-parameters. Sum the responses from N-1 transmitters on each victim receiver.

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Shashank Kulkarni
Shashank Kulkarni on 23 Oct 2015
No, Antenna Toolbox on its own currently cannot be used for interference analysis. However it would be nice to know more about your workflow. Maybe we can do something with Antenna Toolbox and RF Toolbox + SimRF.



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