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Camera Calibration with dot chart

Asked by Jdeen
on 21 Jul 2015
Latest activity Commented on by Asif Ameer on 18 Jul 2017
Camera calibration sometimes is also performed using a dot chart/pattern or circles grid, instead of a checkerboard (cmp Are there predefined functions in MATLAB that do camera calibration using dot charts? I can't find any. Maybe there also is a toolbox in fileexchange?


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1 Answer

Answer by Dima Lisin
on 27 Jul 2015
 Accepted Answer

Currently there is no function in MATLAB analogous to findCirclesGrid() for detecting a pattern of circles. However, if you can detect the points yourself, you can use the estimateCameraParameters function in the Computer Vision System Toolbox to calibrate. estimateCameraParameters takes world points and the corresponding image points, regardless of the type of calibration pattern you use.
Also, you can try the OpenCV interface support package, that helps you call OpenCV functions from MATLAB.

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Did someone try this....? I have tried but couldn't find result!

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