Best method in getting a figure from R2015 to MS Word

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Before R2014b, I used to select Edit->Copy Figure in Matlab and then Ctrl-V in Word to paste (with the Copy Option being "Preserve information"). I define "best method" based on the quality of the picture when printed out on paper from Word (or PDF), clear not blurry. With new Matlab, this option gives poor quality when printed from Word to paper, especially minor gridlines, and especially when photocopied, compared to old Matlab. This option doesn't even work when the figure has many curves (several thousand curves with each curve containing about 500 points), neither does as EPS. Save as BMP works, but quality is poor (raster vs vector).
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dpb on 21 Jul 2015
Edited: dpb on 21 Jul 2015
This is good topic to submit to TMW Support as bug/limitation requesting a workaround. Use the site link and supply a sample plot that has such issues.
ADDENDUM May not suit, but what happens if you link instead of try to paste copy?

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Anthony on 21 Jul 2015
Hi Mike,
I have noticed that by using the snipping tool from Microsoft, you usually get the best quality png for use in MS Word or other programs.


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