How to overcome running into errors due to exceeding maximum missed ticks when using data and image acquisition simultaneously in Simulink?

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Raymond on 31 Jul 2015
Commented: frank cheng on 25 Apr 2021
The following error appears when I try and collect images from a frame grabber and analog data simultaneously using Simulink:
An error occurred while running the simulation and the simulation was terminated
Error reported by S-function 'sldrtai' in 'aplioTest/Analog Input':
Maximum missed ticks count exceeded
I need to increase my missed ticks to at least 2000 and reduce my video capture rate to 12 fps to be able to collect 2 seconds worth. This doesn't make it feasible for collecting any usable data.
Ideally I would like to collect .avi at 50Hz, analog and digital data at 1000Hz in synchronous for at least a couple of minutes. I am using version R2015a in Windows 7 Enterprise (64bits) with the Image Acquisition toolbox. Independently they work without problems. Any suggestions as to how to solve this error and how to go about synchronizing and collecting video and analog/digital data in Simulink would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.

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