Reference to "adaptwb" function in Neural Network toolbox.

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I applied the "adaptwb" function to the implementation of my algorithm. Thus, I want to describe the mechanism of this function in my paper, but the detail of this function is not provided in the technical document of MATLAB. So, I wonder if there are any references to this function.

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Nick Hobbs
Nick Hobbs on 14 Aug 2015
I understand you want to determine how 'adaptwb' is updating the weights for the neural network. If you make a quick neural network with
net = feedforwardnet(20)
you will get an output of information for the network. From there, if you click on 'layerWeights' a help page will appear. From there you can click 'learnFcn', which describes that the parameter is used to define the learning function for 'adaptwb'. You can also see the list of learning functions by clicking on 'learning function', which will provide you a list of learning functions for networks. To determine which learning function your network uses you should be able to use
where i and j are for the values provided by net.layerWeights.
This same procedure can be used for 'inputWeights' and 'biases' to determine how these learn.
I hope this information helps to guide you on how to determine how your network is adapting with adaptwb.

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Greg Heath
Greg Heath on 17 Aug 2015
Have you tried the 3 command line documentation sources?
help adapt
doc adapt
type adapt
Hope this helps.
Thank you for formally accepting my answer
Alvaro Macias
Alvaro Macias on 16 Nov 2018
Finally I found that adapt uses the learn function learnFcn and train uses the train function trainFcn.
This property defines which of the learning functions is used to update the th layer's bias vector (net.b{i}) during training, if the network training function is trainb, trainc, or trainr, or during adapt, if the network adapt function is trains. For a list of functions, type help nnlearn [Matlab].
Hope this helps others

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