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Difficulty in getting inverter transfer function

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ashish ahir
ashish ahir on 13 Aug 2015
Hi, i want to design an inverter with controllable output AC voltage. To check PID controller action i require full bridge inverter transfer function as that is my plant in model. full bridge inverter has DC value and 4 gate signals as input. It has AC wave as output. i am not getting this tranfer function to verify PID action. as i have seen examples given by mathworks, it seems that it requires transfer function to verify PID control action.please suggest a way.
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Arkadiy Turevskiy
Arkadiy Turevskiy on 13 Aug 2015
It would be helpful if you attach your model and MATLAB code, and explain what you tried already and what exactly does not work

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Answers (3)

bharadwaj r
bharadwaj r on 17 Aug 2015
Transfer function of a inverter is pretty complex . PID control can be achieved without knowing the system transfer function also. Try Ziegler-Nicholas method of PID tuning.

Shrinivas Hanchate
Shrinivas Hanchate on 1 Jul 2019
Hello ashish,
I also want to derive transfer function of full bridge inverter , can you share details if you have transfer function for full bridge inverter ?

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