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Publish markup vs. Contents.m - Custom help generation

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Hi there,
I use to markup my functions in a way that the Contents.m file of a folder and the quickhelp show the correct 'brief explanation' only:
function out = testFun(in)
%%TESTFUN Brief explanation
% Long explanation
However, I also want to publish the function to a nicely looking HTML file using the build-in publish() command of Matlab.
With the markup chosen above, the HTML file has no proper heading but instead starts with the Contents tab listing all sections (%% SECTIONS).
That itself might not hurt so much, but if I create a searchable database using the info.xml/helptoc.xml plus the published HTML files of the functions Custom documentation via
searching for functions is a mess because the results always give out the heading - being 'Contents' for all published files since there is no leading heading in the way I marked up the functions (remember: That markup is required to get the correct Contents.m/Quickhelp description).
My question is if there is a proper markup that gives both:
  1. A correct brief function description and Contents.m entry
  2. A heading in the published HTML file with the name of the function only
Best, Johannes

Accepted Answer

James Wiken
James Wiken on 20 Aug 2015
Hi, I work for MathWorks. It looks like the feature you are asking about does not currently exist. I have forwarded this idea to our developers. They will take it under consideration for future versions of MATLAB.

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