Editor behaves crazily when scrolling down

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Winny on 25 Aug 2015
Commented: Thaddeus on 16 Jan 2019
When I scroll down in the Matlab editor, the editor automatically scrolls back up so that I cannot work on the last lines in my script. After closing and reopening the script, it works fine for a while and then starts producing the same problem again. Any ideas what to do?
I'm using Matlab 2015a on a Macbook (OSX 10.10.4).
Jackson Crane
Jackson Crane on 31 Jul 2018
I am also having the same problem as Yolande (and it's infuriating!). I spent awhile googling to no avail. Please let us know if there's a way to deactivate horizontal scrolling.
Thaddeus on 16 Jan 2019
Issue Yolande mentions here is distinct from the old autoscroll problem in this original (2015) post).
Horizontal scroll jump is still not fixed in 2018a though.

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Answers (9)

John Greenwood
John Greenwood on 20 Sep 2016
Have just installed OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 as well, with Matlab 2016a, and am now having the same crazy scrolling problem. Am running on a 2012 iMac but had no issues with the previous installation of Matlab 2013a. Seriously annoying!

Jiaxuan Li
Jiaxuan Li on 21 Jan 2018
I met same issue. Matlab 2017b, OS X Yosemite 10.10.5. Another issue is that after I right click using trackpad, the right click menu disappears immediately.

Varun Bhaskar
Varun Bhaskar on 27 Aug 2015
This behavior is a known issue in MATLAB. However, it has yet to be consistently reproduced by our developers. Could you provide me with more detailed instructions and/or code that can reproduce this issue?
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Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas on 14 Mar 2017
It started happening to me when I upgraded my MacBook Pro operating system from 10.8 to 10.10. That made me have to also update my Matlab version. I tried both 2014b and 2017a, and I have the problem with both versions. It seems to, so far, only happen to me if I highlight text in a script from the editor window and drag it down to the command line and run it. After doing that, I cannot scroll in the editor to where I want, because it scrolls itself back to near the highlighted text. The only way to make it stop that worked for me was to exit Matlab and start over. I tried instead copying the highlighted text and pasting it into the command line, and that seemed to not cause the crazy scrolling issue.

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WCJHunter on 1 Mar 2016
It is happening to me as well. Basically, if I get to 30 lines past the current command window size, it starts to auto-scroll back up to that point. That is to say, the 30th line line past the height of the command window gets forced to the last line in the window. And every time I type in a new character, it skips down to the current command line and then starts to auto-scroll back up to this point (30th line past the vertical size of window) in the command window. This point varies as I stretch the window. Of course, if I clear the window ("clc" or command-k on Mac), then it lets me continue to enter more commands until it reaches this magical point again.
Please resolve ASAP. It is starting to slow me down. Considering alternatives at this point.

Johannes on 3 Aug 2016
Yes, I have it too. MacOSX, Matlab R2014b. I have not found a way to consistently reproduce this, it just happens sometimes, possibly when you have multiple editor tabs open and jump back and forth a lot. The tabbing is quite buggy too by the way, sometimes tabs disappear physically while still present when clicking on the + sign in the upper left corner of the editor.

Alexia Nunez
Alexia Nunez on 25 Aug 2016
Extremely annoying. OS X El Capitan 10.11.6. MATLAB R2016a. The problem is not exclusive to MATLAB. It is also happening to me in Word. If I close the file in the editor and open it again it stops scrolling.

Karin Lundengård
Karin Lundengård on 17 Oct 2016
Has happened to me before (both in Matlab2016a on El Capitaine and in previous versions). This time it happened when I was writing in a .txt file that we use when we construct systems biology models, and it happened right after saving (cmd+s). I had only changed one equation in the model, and it was to an equation I have used before without problems.
I do not remember what I was doing on the previous occations when i happened.

mustafa uyar
mustafa uyar on 19 Oct 2016
Edited: mustafa uyar on 19 Oct 2016
happend to me as well. solved by closing and oppening script
I am using macOS sierra. after I updated my mac and matla I realized that scroll speed increased and when i change scroll speed in system prefernces it didnt affected at all. Then today it did the keep scrolling up error. But if i scroll all the way down it just bounces there . happens in only editor window.if i let it go it stops around line 7 as first letter. If I change the edditor window size so i can only see 1-2 lines it bounces between lines7-8.My code length is 98 lines. And i just realized it only happens my open scripts from last session. closing and oppening that script solved the problem.
The problem might be caused by the algorithm that makes the editor scroll to the position from last session. For some reason it might be keep called again. so editor wants to go that line.

Andrei Martinez-Finkelshtein
Same here, and same solution: close and reopen the script. Mac OS X Sierra (10.12.5), Matlab R2017a (


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