why the Matlab editor is so slow to respond to keyboard and editing

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Hi, I am working with Matlab 2012b, win7 sp1 on a computer with good technical conditions. My Matlab editor is so slow in responding to editing in a relatively large code (around 1000 line). this is really a pain! entering or deleting a line or a character sometimes takes 3 4 second! I increased java heap memory and turned off the code analyzer. But, yet the problem exists! Some people suggests to put an "exit " in the first line. I did but nothing changed. please let me know about any solution. My best

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Varun Bhaskar
Varun Bhaskar on 28 Aug 2015
Refer to the link below to address this issue:

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LeChat on 13 Aug 2019
You want to upgrade you kernel (in Linux, version > 5.1) and then update Matlab to its last version (R2019a update >2).
See here if you are on Linux:


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