MATLAB GUI working with TABLE (get and set data from table)

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Aldin on 14 Dec 2011
Hi !
These days i working in GUI and i have a problem with uitable(GUI) in MATLAB. I know how to store or display some data in uitable in MATLAB. But what i don't know is how to get some data from table. For example if i have column of names Example:
1) Petar
2) Joe
3) Spike
4) Smith
and i click to Joe, how to get the name "joe" and store in one variable. In JAVA we have method jTable.getSelectedRow or jTable.getSelectedIndex Is there a similar function in MATLAB as in java where we can get a selected row as object(string,data) from uitable
Thanks a lot
Best regards.

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 14 Dec 2011
A simple example:
names = {'Walter'; 'Fangjun'; 'Jan'};
H = uitable('cellselectioncallback',@(src,evt)disp(names(evt.Indices(1))));
And a reference
doc uitable
for everything you want to know about them.
More: make_table.m
function make_table;
%build it do stuff etc.
function the_callback(...)
%what happens when you click
%What you do with the value etc.
Aldin on 15 Dec 2011
Maybe you are not understand me. How to accessing only the selected data is there a function in MATLAB such as in java for example in JAVA we java jTable.getSelectedRow()
Look at this tutorial (Accessing only the selected data).

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