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U-slot patch antenna, arbitrary metal patch with slots

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I would like to simulate a patch antenna with U-slots and/or slots in general.
Can I add slots in the metal patch, ie remove the metal from the metal patch so I can create a U-slot patch antenna.
General can I make a arbitrary metal patch with slots, above the infinite groundplane.

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Shashank Kulkarni
Shashank Kulkarni on 23 Oct 2015
In 15b Antenna Toolbox (version 1.1), we have added a antenna called customAntenneMesh. This antenna can accept a planar mesh and create an antenna out of it.
So you could create a U-slot or any planar structure using pdetool (A tool available in PDE Toolbox which provides a canvas for drawing 2D structures) or any third party tool, mesh it and import it in Antenna Toolbox using customAntennaMesh. You can place this antenna over a reflector and make the reflector dimension to be infinite to model the slot over an infinite ground plane.
We have a couple of shipping demos showing this workflow.
I hope this helps.


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