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How do I post a picture with my question

Asked by Doug Hull on 21 Jan 2011
Latest activity Edited by Jan
on 7 Jun 2019
Accepted Answer by Jan
How can I add this image?

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See also this partial list of sites you can upload your picture to:

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Answer by Jan
on 10 Jun 2011
Edited by Jan
on 7 Jun 2019
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The question of how to embed a picture was answered already. Let me encourage all users to really use this feature, which is much more efficient and appealing than posting just the link to the image.
with this:


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Answer by Doug Hull on 21 Jan 2011

Here is an example with the code used: (extra spaces before and between "greater thans" so it would not execute, Do not use them like that in actual use.)

<< > >

You will have to host the image somewhere. I placed my example code as a code block by putting two spaces before it so it would not actually load the image in this example.


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Answer by Daniel Shub
on 17 May 2012

If someone posts a question with a link like and I want to edit the question to embed the image I get
and that looks really ugly. Is there anything I can do besides re-uploading the image?


on 21 May 2012
@Daniel: You can download the image, crop it with the IPT or even in pure Matlab, save it a tinypic again and change the link in the original question. Well, of course the OP could do this also.
Finally I write this only to confirm, that this is a losing battle. Sigh.
I embedded that _exact_ preview, in a Question a day or so, and had no difficulty with it being off the right hand side.
@Walter, you tried to embed the "exact preview" but you didn't. The question is here:
Basically there are two images: and You embedded the 2u95qwg image twice. If I embed that image it works for me also. The 14bib77 image does not work.

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Answer by Jan
on 21 Sep 2013

Now pictures can be uploaded directly in the forum, see: . A great step to improve the usability of the forum!


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