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Running Simulink Blocks without License in Collaborative Project

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Dave Walter
Dave Walter on 17 Sep 2015
Commented: Andreas Goser on 21 Sep 2015
I am working on a collaborative project where I have blocks utilizing special tools - in this case Stateflow. Another collaborator does not have access to a Stateflow license. Is there a way to convert my blocks that use Stateflow to some format that would allow the other user to build/run the model?
The other user does not need to edit or change the Stateflow blocks, just be able to build the larger model for debugging.


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Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 Sep 2015
My understanding (possibly wrong) is you can only do that if you go through the trouble of generating code for them and sending them the generated code in place of the blocks. That would involve Simulink Coder. I do not recall at the moment whether you could then get away with MATLAB Compiler or if you would need MATLAB Coder as well as MATLAB Compiler.


David Walter
David Walter on 18 Sep 2015
I have Simulink Coder and Matlab Coder. Can you give any further guidance and how to do this?
Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 21 Sep 2015
The idea is that you would put everything the project partner cannot run into a new subsystem and generate an S-Function for it. Details may depend on release, but it is an option in the context menu of the new subsystem.

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