Resize GUI problem

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Slobodan Djordjevi?
Slobodan Djordjevi? on 21 Dec 2011
Quick question!
If I maximize my GUI, it maximizes. But when I click on a PushButton to refresh graph(new data) it throws me out. It still has the exact size, it just shifts a centimeter in diagonal direction.
Any idea why this is happening?
Slobodan Djordjevi?
Slobodan Djordjevi? on 22 Dec 2011
Nope, does not do the trick! Thanks anyways :)

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Aldin on 21 Dec 2011
Imaš odmah na početku kada ulaziš u GUI (guide) opciju - GUI with Axes and Menus. Mislim da je to rješenje tvog problema.
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Slobodan Djordjevi?
Slobodan Djordjevi? on 21 Dec 2011
Pa da, znam. I to sam odabrao na početku. Odabrao sam i "proportional resizing" u onom "GUI options". Ja mislim da je treba učiniti nešto u vezi sa ResizeFcn.

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Jan on 22 Dec 2011
Sorry, I do not get it. What is the "maximize icon"? The one on the figure border?
Can you post the contents of the callback function started by the "refresh" button?

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