Generate validation model error

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Shuai on 28 Sep 2015
Answered: Tim McBrayer on 28 Sep 2015
I can use the HDL Workflow Advisor to turn my Simulink model into RTL code, but when I use it to generate validation model, it failed.. The failed information is: At lease one value is out of defining rectangle or position. All values must be less than or equal to 32767.
I do not understand the fialed informaiton.
Can you explain it to me, and give me a solution ?

Accepted Answer

Tim McBrayer
Tim McBrayer on 28 Sep 2015
This is a generated model drawing error; the validation model is not fitting onto the Simulink canvas. It indicates a problem in the software. Please report this issue to MathWorks Technical Support so that it may be addressed.

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