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Saving and loading portfolios of editor windows?

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I'm simultaneously working on several different projects using Matlab. So it is frequently required to switch from one to another quickly. Because different projects are composed of many different set of m-files, I need to close all opened editor windows and open new editor windows to switch projects. This may not be that cumbersome but not that convenient. Also, sometimes, I forget which code I was working on before. So, I think it will be very convenient if it is possible to manage a set of editor windows and work space as a portfolio, like the concepts of 'project' of 'solution' of MS Visual studio. As I know, Matlab does not support this kind of functions. Is there any workaround or a third-party tools for this?

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Michael Katz
Michael Katz on 27 Dec 2011
You can use the MATLAB Editor API to batch open and close a set of files. See my "Saving state" example:

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