Matlab: Reading in data from an excel spreadsheet as a single integer

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Louis on 22 Dec 2011
I am reading in data from an excel spreadsheet, but I am unable to use a comparison on what I read in. How can I read in a cell from an excel spreadsheet and compare what I get to a number? I'm pretty sure anything read from a spreadsheet is made into an array Here is the relevant code (edit: I'll give the whole code of what I have; edit2: Minor fixes, but being so new to MatLab, I think I'm not familiar with how to declare a variable):
>> for k = 2:4997
colF = 'F';
colE = 'E';
row = int2str(k);
entryF = strcat(colF, row);
entryE = strcat(colE,row);
millisecond = xlsread('someFile.xlsx', 1, entryE);
[~,message] = xlsread('someFile.xlsx', 1, entryF);
if millisecond == 1
soundMoment = 0;
elseif strcmp(message, 'probe_sound')
soundMoment = millisecond;
if soundMoment == 0
xlswrite('someFile.xlsx', 'preprobe', 1, entryF);
elseif millisecond > soundMoment
xlswrite('someFile.xlsx', 'postprobe', 1, entryF);

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Answers (2)

Aldin on 22 Dec 2011
Here is the right code for getting data from excel doc.
[~,name] = xlsread('test.xlsx',1,'A1')

Aldin on 22 Dec 2011
Edit your code with this:
[~,message] = xlsread('someFile.xlsx', 1, entryF);
your code seems to be OK

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