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create sliding window per rows in a matrix ?

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Do you know ho to create a sliding window in a matrix per row? For example,ignoring the function I am using, I would like to calculate it for a slinding window of the matrix.LIke the matrix is 378x9, and i want a window(per row)of 180. Thanks

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Nick Hobbs
Nick Hobbs on 26 Oct 2015
I understand you want to create a sliding window for a particular row in a matrix. One way to do this is to use indexing within MATLAB and create a new matrix from the data. For example, for a particular row of data
calculations = []
calculations(end + 1) = function(matrix(rowNumber,columnNumber:columnNumber+180))
You can create a for loop around this code for columnNumber, and as long as columnNumber+180 <= size(matrix,2), then you should be able to create your new values.


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