How to access the image's blocks in an iterative way

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yasmine on 31 Dec 2011
i have a database of 100 images of size 256X384 RGB images.
i divided each image into 6 equal blocks.
now i want to make this in a big nested loop with keeping record of every image and blocks.
i thought to make a big 2D array of size(100 , 6*128 , 128) but i have a problem to access the first layer of each block
i tried this code :
for i=1:6
but i got this error:
()-indexing must appear last in an index expression.
i tried using cell arrays but the results wasn't as accurate as numeric arrays.
any help will be appreciated Thank you

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 31 Dec 2011
You can't have two indexing things with an array, like array()(). You can have only one set of parentheses. I'm not sure what you're after. Do you want to store the kth slice, or the first slice in your new 3D array?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 31 Dec 2011
Answer my question on using size(). What is iblock? How did you create that array?

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