Dicom: how to extract (and edit) header information not included in metadata

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Hello everyone.
I have a problem with Dicom images: I need to extract and modify some information from the dicom header. Dicominfo returns a list of information, but the ones I'm interested in (meterset exposure and primary dosimetry unit) are not included (even if they are included in dicom-dict.txt file). I have tried with the new command dicomdisp (I'm using R2015b), it displays all the header (exposure time included) but it does not allow any extraction/modification of the information.
Any suggest? Thank You

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Nick Hobbs
Nick Hobbs on 28 Oct 2015
Edited: Nick Hobbs on 28 Oct 2015
I understand you want to change the metadata of a DICOM file. Instead of trying to edit the information directly from 'dicominfo' one option may be to read in the file and the metadata, and then use 'dicomwrite' to write out a new file with the new metadata. The following link to the documentation page for 'dicomwrite' shows that you can add metadata to the file as an option.


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