How to call LockSetForegroundWindow

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AEAdmin on 28 Oct 2015
Answered: Sudhanshu Bhatt on 30 Oct 2015
A function in USRE32.DLL LockSetForegroundWindow is a band aid function to prevent other windows from stealing the focus when you don't want it to do so.
I want to be able to call this from within MATLAB, but it isn't defined in win.h, or anywhere in the lcc compiler includes.
How do I define the function, load the library and ultimately call the function?
Any help would be appreciated.

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Sudhanshu Bhatt
Sudhanshu Bhatt on 30 Oct 2015
Hi Douglas Gerard,
I understand you want to invoke a function present inside a DLL file into MALTAB.
LOADLIBRARY function in MALTAB can be used to load a DLL into MALTAB and call functions present inside the DLL.
More information on LOADLIBRARY can be found in the links below:
The below thread on MALTAB Central can also be useful:
Hope this helps.
Sudhanshu Bhatt

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