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Datacursor in a for-loop surface plot

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Habbenzak on 30 Oct 2015
Answered: Nitin Khola on 3 Nov 2015
Dear Matlab users,
I am plotting a surface of temperatures over a time period i. For every step in i, an image is created. I want to add a datacursor to every plotted image on coordinates x=34, y=1 and Z (dependent on every step in i). What do i add to my code to get this?
% code
zlabel('Temperature ^{\circ}C');
xlabel('x distance mm');
ylabel('y distance mm');
title('Surfplot of heattransfer in zeolite beads');
axis([0 34 0 34 0 200])
baseFileName = sprintf('Heattransfer_%d.png', i);
saveas(gcf, baseFileName, 'png')
Also, i want to show on what timestep the frame is. So, show i in the current surfplot. How can i get this?
Thanks in advance!
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Habbenzak on 30 Oct 2015
Okay, so i managed to get the surfplot to show the timestep using the following code:
% code
%# delete the previous annotation
%# create new annotation
[0.72 0.68 0.18 0.16],...
'String',{'time',i*dt 'sec',},...
'tag' , 'timestep');

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Answers (1)

Nitin Khola
Nitin Khola on 3 Nov 2015
You can use the "text" object to place your text at a specific data point in your plot. In your case, I think the text contains just the position information. Within the loop you can update the "Position" and "String" properties of the text object as per your desire. Here is some sample code that illustrates the idea.
fig = figure;
t = text(0,0,0,'start')
for ind = 1:10
z = ind;
t.Position = [30 40 z];
t.String = ['x= ' num2str(30) ' ' 'y= ' num2str(40) ' ' 'z= ' num2str(z)];
pause(0.1) % Make it visible to us.
Refer to the following documentation for details on "text".


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