how read files from different folders

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i have a folder with name 'year-2010' in this folder there 12 subfolders for 12 months(jan,feb,march ...dec.) and again in each month folder i have 30 or 31 subfolders for days .... and in each day folder i have my files(HDF5 format) which i want to read and do operations... i dont want put all files in one folder and however that is not possible... ... hope u understood my question ...waiting for answer!!!
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 7 Jun 2019
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Jan on 3 Nov 2015
You find a lot of submissions for searching in folders recursively:
E.g. this submission has a lot of votes: FEX:enhanced rdir
You get a list of file names with paths. Now create a loop over these file names and use movefile or copyfile to write them to the wanted location. The functions fileparts and fullfile might be useful.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 3 Nov 2015
See my attached demo, which uses genpath().
Of course you could always just make up your folder names with sprintf() if they have names that are known in advance, and then use the FAQ, but the genpath() method is better if you don't know the folder names in advance.
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Image Analyst on 4 Nov 2015
Sorry I saw this late, but it looks like you've accepted an answer so I assume you have this solved and this comment is not relevant anymore. Besides, I didn't understand the question anyway or how the FAQ doesn't answer it.

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hajira ashiq
hajira ashiq on 25 Jun 2018
i want to read files from folder with a singe matlab file. for example, nitrogen nd chloroful is individuay calculted when i run these files. but i want to run both files at a time with single run time.when i run the main file , the nitrogn nd chlorful is automaticaly calculated


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