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There are quite a number of functions related to path management in MATLAB. For instance: cd, ctfroot, system('set PATH'), mkdir, pwd etc. Which of those can be used in a deployed executabloe and which of those can only work in MATLAB?
My GUI standalone must do the following: make a userpath in My Documents when it is deployed, copy the default template file (Default_Template.xlsx, which i have included when compiling using app compiler) to the userpath, make a new directory in the userpath, save and load state to and from the userpath, save files to the new directory in the userpath. Which command I should use?
Thank you in advance.

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Sudhanshu Bhatt
Sudhanshu Bhatt on 9 Nov 2015
Hi Kah Joon Yong,
In general, a compiled application should avoid MATLAB commands that directly access or modify MATLAB's internal paths, i.e. the MATLAB path and the MATLAB Java class path. These functions are: ADDPATH, CD, JAVAADDPATH, JAVACLASSPATH, JAVARMPATH, PATH, RMPATH, SAVEPATH.
To learn more about Path Management in Deployed Applications, please refer to the following article:
Hope this helps!
Sudhanshu Bhatt
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Kah Joon Yong
Kah Joon Yong on 9 Nov 2015
Thank you. I have read this article before I wrote here. I was afraid that those descriptions were too general and could only cover so many examples. Therefore I would like to clarify it specifically.
Anyway, according to your explaination, it is safe to use the USERPATH and CTFROOT commands. Am I right?

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