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Rohit Bhoi
Rohit Bhoi on 10 Nov 2015
Commented: Adam on 10 Nov 2015
I have two push button in my DAQ GUI where one push button reads the data from analog channel and plot graph where second one is for save as. How can I get that first push button 'data' in second so that I can save it.

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Adam on 10 Nov 2015
Edited: Adam on 10 Nov 2015
In the first button callback:
handles.data = readData(...);
guidata( hObject, handles );
In the second callback:
data = handles.data;
Obviously you don't need to assign to a local variable in the second callback, you can just use handles.data directly. readData(...) is just a placeholder for whatever means you use to read your data.
Adam on 10 Nov 2015
Well, like I said, that is just a place holder for whatever code you already have that reads in your data. You can put whatever code you want there so long as you assign the data you want to access elsewhere onto the handles structure.

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