GPU computing on macbook pro with intel graphics card

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Fabrizio Radaelli
Fabrizio Radaelli on 16 Nov 2015
Answered: Sudhanshu Bhatt on 18 Nov 2015
I have a macbook pro late 2013 and unfortunately it has Intel Iris as graphics card, so I can't use GPU computing. Is there any intention to extend CUDA drivers to intel graphics card in the next years? Alternatively, will matlab extends GPU computing to the system that couldn't install CUDA drivers?

Answers (2)

Joss Knight
Joss Knight on 18 Nov 2015
MathWorks has no current plans to provide gpuArray support for Intel GPUs. It would be useful to know what is the main barrier preventing you from using an NVIDIA GPU and what advantage you think you'd get from an Intel chip.

Sudhanshu Bhatt
Sudhanshu Bhatt on 18 Nov 2015
Hi Fabrizio Radaelli,
Unfortunately as of now only CUDA-enabled NVIDIA GPU's are supported. More information on the MATLAB GPU Requirements can be found in the documentation page below:
Hope this helps.
Sudhanshu Bhatt

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