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Matlab - Sort into deciles each column

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V on 4 Dec 2015
Edited: René Wijnen on 30 Jul 2021
Suppose I have a matrix A [m x 1], where m is not necessarily even. I to create a matrix B also [m x 1] which tells me the decile of the elements in A (i.e. matrix B has numbers from 1 to 10).
I know I can use the function sort(A) to get the position of the elements in A and from there I can manually get deciles. Is there another way of doing it?
I think one possibility would be B = ceil(10 * tiedrank(A) / length(A) . What do you think? Are there any issues with this?
Also, more generally, if I have a matrix A [m x n] and I want to create a matrix B also [m x n], in which each column of B should have the decile of the corresponding column in A , is there a way of doing it without a for loop through the columns?
Hope the problem at hand is clear. So far I have been doing it using the sort function and then manually assigning the deciles, but it is very inefficient.
Thank you

Accepted Answer

jgg on 4 Dec 2015
I think a way to do this is to use the ecdf command (<>)
  • If you take your data and do [F,X] = ecdf(A) then this will compute the empirical distribution of A.
  • You then just have to match the values in A to those in X which you can do using ismember like this [~,loc] = ismember(X,X2)
  • Finally, your quantiles of the values in A will be f(loc)
  • You can then sort them into deciles, or whatever you want at that point by rounding to the appropriate value.

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René Wijnen
René Wijnen on 30 Jul 2021
Edited: René Wijnen on 30 Jul 2021
I would use the following to split a vector X into deciles:
X_dec = discretize(X,quantile(X,[0:10]/10))
Works as well for each column of an array X

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