Two input numbers random generation

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How can I randomly generate just two input numbers, for example: 1 or 3; 0.95 or 1.05 ?
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Stephen23 on 6 Dec 2015
What range? What distribution? What precision?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Dec 2015
If you are trying to randomly generate from a set of distinct numbers, then you can use randsample() if you have the Statistics Toolbox. If you do not then see the File Exchange such as
In the simplest form of equal weight, to draw N times from two values stored in Samples,
Samples( 1 + (rand(1,N) > 1/2) )
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Nikolay Panasetsky
Nikolay Panasetsky on 6 Dec 2015
Thank you so much) You helped me out again

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