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S function does not exist

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OLA ELHASSAN on 7 Dec 2015
Commented: dream sun on 17 Feb 2020
I have just installed a new library for SIMULINK called 'Aerosim Blockset' on Windows 10. After installing succesfully, when I try to run the model, it gives me the following error: * Error in S-function 'aerosonde_trim/Aerosonde UAV (Euler-angle kinematics)/Earth/WMM-2000/S-Function': S-Function 'sfunwmm' does not exist*. I have made sure that the file sfunwmm.c exists in the directory, as well as the files with extensions .def,.dsp,.dsw. I would appreciate any help!!!


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OLA ELHASSAN on 7 Dec 2015
Yes, it didn't work, I will let you know if everything works after i finish installing R2015b and re-installing Aerosim.
OLA ELHASSAN on 7 Dec 2015
I have finished installing R2015b and reinstalling Aerosim but I still get the same error. Could it be due to this message I recieved after installing:
Your installation may require additional configuration steps.
1. The following products require a supported compiler:
  • Simulink Coder 8.9
  • Simulink Real-Time 6.3
  • MATLAB Coder 3.0
2. MATLAB Compiler 6.1 requires a supported compiler for creation of Excel add-ins
3. MATLAB Compiler SDK 6.1 requires the following: * .NET framework for creation of .NET assemblies and deployable archives with Excel integration
  • a supported compiler for creation of COM components, C and C++ Shared libraries
  • a Java JDK for creation of Java packages
dream sun
dream sun on 17 Feb 2020
I meet am error when runing a demo, such as "S-Function 'sfunwmm' does not existn". I need your help, can we have a contact, my emil is

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OLA ELHASSAN on 9 Dec 2015
I finally managed to get it to work by installing a 32 bit version of R2015b and then re-installing the Aerosim blockset. Everything is working, no more errors.

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Islam Elnady
Islam Elnady on 22 Feb 2017
Hi Ola, Can we contact? I'm working on Aerosim Blockset and I might need your help. Kindly!
Thank you, Islam

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li zengyan
li zengyan on 29 Dec 2015
You are right, the aerosim block can only run in the 32 bit version of matlab, because of the "dll" files


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