Using custom toolboxes in older releases

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I have been exploring the 'Package Toolbox' feature, which seems to work like a charm and it is exactly what I need.
I know that the toolbox was first introduced in R2014b but does anybody know if there is a way to share it to older versions (R2012b would be the oldest target)?
I tried just running the .mltbx in R2012b and, as I expected, it did not work.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

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Sudhanshu Bhatt
Sudhanshu Bhatt on 5 Jan 2016
Hi Erick,
A toolbox is a collection of user-written MATLAB files. To make your own toolbox in MATLAB R2012b, put the MATLAB files for the toolbox in one or more directories and then add these directories to the MATLAB Path. You can use PATHTOOL to bring up the Path Browser so you can add directories to the MATLAB Path. Use the "Path" menu in the Path Browser. It is recommended placing your files outside of the MATLAB directory tree, and then including that directory on your path, instead of working inside the MATLAB directory tree.
For information on how to add help and demos for your own toolbox, please refer to the documentation at:
You may access the same page locally by typing the following at the MATLAB prompt:
web([docroot '/matlab/matlab_prog/display-custom-documentation.html'])
Hope this helps.
Sudhanshu Bhatt
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 5 Jan 2016
True, but "package application" builds something that is self-installing, which is the layer that is missing before that. I think it would be possible to write self-install code for earlier versions but it would be a little bit of a nuisance. If you did not want to count upon the auto-execution capabilities written into packages such as PKZIP, then you would need to write the equivalent of SHAR (Shell Archives).. do-able but not most people's idea of "fun".

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