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Nonlinear Model Predictive controller toolbox?

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Does any one knows if there exist a NMPC toolbox in Matlab?
I´ll appreciate your help.
Best Regards

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Dennis on 6 Jan 2016
Hi Cesar,
as I read through this topic, only linear MPC are available. Reason is that they are similar to a state feedback law and can be calculated fast. If you only look for nonlinear-MPC because your plant is nonlinear, Matlab helps by supplying a lot of awesome linearization tools. Recently, the MPC toolbox supports changing the linearization point during runtime so even though your model is linearized, it will be pretty close to the real solution. It is called multiple MPC:
If you need a nonlinear MPC because of you needing a very special cost function or other nonlinear (cool, awesome) stuff, the Toolboxes don't help. Then you need to make your own nonlinear MPC. Be aware that such things run very slow!
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Cesar García
Cesar García on 6 Jan 2016
Thank you Denis,
I have to write my own code. I will check if i find an example.
Thank you

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bingheng wang
bingheng wang on 14 Apr 2017
Hi,Cesar, I have the same problem with you, fortunately, I have found that we can use 'fmincon' to solve the nonlinear MPC. This is demonstrated clearly in the example 'Swing-up control of a pendulum using nonlinear predictive control'. You can find the example in the Mathworks community.


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