Different desktops under windows 10

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Boris Gourevitch
Boris Gourevitch on 19 Jan 2016
Commented: Bernt Nilsson on 24 Mar 2021
Under Windows 10, I put Matlab in the desktop 2 and kept desktop 1 for other stuff. If I launch a script in matlab and then move to desktop 1, the figures will appear in desktop 1. This is not very convenient. Is there a way to stick the figures to the desktop to which the Matlab command window belongs ? Thanks in advance.
Bernt Nilsson
Bernt Nilsson on 24 Mar 2021
Apologies, this should have been a comment, not an answer.
Five years have passed. Is current Matlab qualified against virtual desktops on Windows 10? It would be great if new figure windows would by default be created on the virtual desktop where Matlab is used, and not on the currently active one.
Are there any plans for such a feature?

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Answers (1)

Morteza Hajitabar Firuzjaei
WIN + CTRL + LEFT/RIGHT: Switch to previous or next desktop. WIN + CTRL + D: Create a new desktop. WIN + CTRL + F4: Close the current desktop. WIN + TAB: Launch task view
Morteza Hajitabar Firuzjaei


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