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Why doesn't a Simulink scope in an enabled subsystem work ?

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David Devoy
David Devoy on 28 Jan 2016
Answered: grub222 on 3 Aug 2017
In Matlab 2014b I can drop a scope into an "enabled subsystem" block to monitor what is going on.
When I upgraded to Matlab 2015b I found there is no display on scopes in my enabled subsystems.
I suspect there is a problem with the new fancy complex scope triggering setup in 2015b but I cant figure it out. Can anyone help?
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Daniele on 18 Oct 2016
I have the same behaviour. In my model, scopes are ok with R2104a and they don't work with R2015b. Is there a workaround?

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Answers (2)

user on 17 Jul 2016
Hey, MathWorks!!! This very bad behavior of scope in the last versions of simulink, please return stepped lines without gaps.

grub222 on 3 Aug 2017
Here's what I found:
This can happen if your subsystems are only enabled for very short periods of time (i.e. only one sample time) In this case the default scope appears to show now data.
To visualize the data, you need to set a marker style (View -> Style) for your plot.

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