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How to position the y axis on the right in a plot

Asked by Imam
on 28 Jan 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Ingrid
on 29 Jan 2016
I have two vectors f(t) and g(t) and I want to plot them in one graph using plotyy. But I also want to do some other things like changing the marker style of each curve and also changing the span of the axes. I have tried using xlim but it only affects one of the x axes, not both.


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1 Answer

Answer by Ingrid
on 28 Jan 2016
 Accepted Answer

you need to use the handles for this so
[hAx,hLine1,hLine2] = plotyy(x,y1,x,y2);
this is also very well explained in the documentation of plotyy
doc plotyy


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indeed, the same as you have tried to use xlim, but now with explicitly specifying to which axes the xlim needs to be applied
Another question please, I also want my plot to be of only marker-defined, meaning the data points are marked with certain marker type without connecting line. I have added
The marker appears as desired but the connecting line between data points still exist. How can I remove the line?
this is clearly explained in the documentation of plot

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